Special Guests

Jesse Castillo – Event Judge

About 14 years ago the owner of Lordz, Jesse, opened his own shop out of a small two car garage in city terrace. Around that time his boss had found out and called him into his office where he proceeded to tell him that he would “not last a year.”

A year later his boss’ company had shut down and Jesse had outgrown the small two car garage and was blessed with the building he is in today.

Now, 14 years later, Lordz of Kustomz remains open and is proof to all of those who have ever been told they couldn’t accomplish anything that there is always hope and to never give up.

Raquel – Event Judge

Raquel Queen of Bail Bonds is a female owned Bail Bond Agency. The main focus of this business is to bail people out of jail. What makes this business different is its aesthetic approach to the public and its reputation. Raquel Queen of Bail Bonds caters to the underground, the counterculture, and the outlaws of Los Angeles. Rappers, tattoo artists, low riders, body piercers, porn stars, pop locking dancers, bikers, cholos, hot rodders & graffiti artists all flock to the Queen of Bail. Why? You’d have to meet Raquel to understand that.

Rick Walters – Event Judge

When Rick Walters starts talking about tattoos you better shut up and listen to him. Walters has garnered so much experience over the last 60 years that he is more than just an artist—he is a living almanac of tattoo history. When he was barely even old enough to tie his own shoes, the inquisitive Walters figured out how to hand-poke tattoos and he hasn’t stopped tattooing since. By the late ‘70s Walters would find himself on the Pike—Southern California’s version of Coney Island and a mecca for the tattoo world—tattooing out of Bert Grimm’s studio. It was there that Walters cemented his reputation as an artist and earned his seat in the Grimm family of tattooists.

Mike O’Brien – Event Judge

Mike O’Brien has been working on Harley Davidsons for over 35 years, exporting bikes and accessories all over the world. Pacific Coast Cycles specializes in older model Harleys such as Knuckleheads, Panheads, and Shovelheads. They also build bobber type old school bikes as well as custom choppers. Along with bike fabrication, Pacific Coast Cycles deals with parts and accessories on older and new model Harleys.

Brad Masterson – Event Judge

Masterson Kustom Automobiles is a custom shop run by Brad Masterson out of the old Dean Jeffries’ shop at 11070 Atlantic Ave, located next door to the old Barris premises at 11054 Atlantic Ave in Lynwood, California. He is born and raised in Sacramento, but pursued his way to Los Angeles to work for George Barris. Brad wanted to learn the art of leading, and working like they did in the 1940s and 1950s, but George did not work with those method no longer, so he sent Brad of to the famous Leadslinger, Bill Hines down in Long Beach. Eventually in 2007, he opened up his own shop in Dean Jeffries old shop, next to the Barris Kustoms. He turned the front part of the premises into a museum, while the backyard is being used for building traditional kustom cars.

Papa Bear – Auctioneer

Papa Bear from the TV show Storage Hunters will be the auctioneer for the pinstripe auction.

Jose Galvez – Pinstripe Auction

(323)251-2419 email: Imagineas1@yahoo.com

Pinstripers interested in participating in the art auction please contact Jose Galvez.

Proceeds will be donated to high school students going to trade schools and colleges.

Low Down and Dirty Designs – Host

Host for the Low Brow art exhibit.